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Virtual Tour

The Woodchucker's Guided Tour can be taken by clicking on any of the below pictures which are links to specific sections of this website. Or, if you would like to see a more comprehensive tour, page down to the three tour listing below. 

Remember: Each picture is a hyperlink...so click on it and see the larger beauty.

If you are an architect, contractor or builder looking for the talents of a fine woodworker we suggest taking the Commercial Tour. Many of the Woodchucker's recent commercial projects are pictured and described.

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Pictures are Links

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If you are a homeowner looking for fine woodwork, entertainment centers or furniture we suggest taking the Residential Tour. Kitchens, bedrooms and handmade furniture for the home are shown.

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If you are curious about  miscellaneous fine woodwork and cabinetry take a look at the varied skills of the Woodchucker in our Miscellaneous Tour. 

The Woodchucker Commercial Tour

The Woodchucker Residential Tour

The Woodchucker Miscellaneous Tour

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